Build a Driveway that Lasts with Our Residential Seal Coating in Springfield, IL

After your driveway has been laid down for one season to cure properly, you will want to consider sealing your driveway to prolong the life of your new investment. Sealing your driveway can be a tough job to tackle yourself. That is why we have a trained crew. With their expertise, you don’t have to worry about tackling such a laborious project yourself.

Here’s Our Process

We apply the sealer using a hand squeegee to ensure proper coverage. There are many seal coating products on the market today. Don’t be fooled with some of these products that may not protect or last nearly as long as our coal tar based commercial seal coat. We carry some of the highest quality sealer made from Seal Master.

We have our sealer mixed to the proper water to sealer ratio to give you the best possible solution. If your driveway is starting to spider crack, our crew members will recognize the problem and add sand to make a slurry mix to help prevent further damage.

If you have cracks 1/4 inch or wider, you may need hot rubberized crack sealant. Crack sealant is another service we offer.

Our crack sealant is high quality commercial grade. Beware of other store bought crack sealants that may not last as long as you would like. Our crack sealant comes in blocks and is heated and melted down at a temperature of 450 degrees.

After it comes out of the machine, it is placed neatly in the driveway cracks. When it cools, it bonds the crack back together while also preventing further cracking. Controlling the cracks in your driveway is important so water doesn’t seep through and cause your driveway to heave.

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